Internet safety for senior citizens -

Internet safety for senior citizens

Computer clubs are springing up across the country, and they are teaching senior citizens how to use the internet safely. These clubs for seniors are important because the elderly are frequently a target of cyber scams. And the tips are things we should all know about.

One of the important things to remember: putting any kind of personal financial information is dangerous.  You might be tempted to buy from a website that's new to you, but do you trust it with your credit card?

FBI Special Agent Thomas Tedder says, "Some of the credit card providers allow you to get single time credit card numbers. You can have those assigned to your accounts."

Other experts say you can also take a peek at the URL. A secure website will have 'https' in front of the three W's.

One of the newer options for storing your data is a 'cloud' - video files and music files are big, but be careful about storing financial information.

"You have one password to get into your account. If that somehow gets compromised, or you lose the device, and they can get it, they have access to all your data," says Tedder.

And how many grandparents have received an email from a grandchild, only to find it is an overseas plea for thousands of dollars? 

Tedder says don't even open those to fuss at the crook. "Once you open that up, and you respond to that in any way, those people are sending that email to you, know they've got a good email address. They now take that email and add it to a list they keep of good email addresses and they resell that."

And never forget, the pictures you post can hurt you. Tedder says, " says it can scan any picture you give it, and then it can scan all the social media websites, all the archives it has on the web, and show you that face again and again with a 90 percent accuracy rate."

Of course, that's's claim. Face already has a Facebook widget for tagging a person's pictures wherever they are.

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