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Orangutan tries birth control

There are lots of different opinions out there about birth control, and when or how it's appropriate to use.

But what about birth control for one of mankind's closest genetic relatives?

Kitra is a Bornean Orangutan at the Cleveland Zoo. Those who care about her are pleased with how well a recent birth control implant surgery went - a first of its kind in the U.S.

Implanon is the latest birth control implant approved for humans in the states - and it was placed right under the skin in Kitra's upper arm. 

Primate Curator Dr. Chris Kuhar says, "For years drugs were tested on animals for humans, and this is the opposite - something approved on humans we're able to use on animals."

The surgery was an ordeal, but it replaces the monthly birth control shots she endured.

And before that, her body rejected the implant which usually works on primates.

"What we're trying to do is have as many options as possible to help us manage the population - this is great," says Dr. Kuhar.

If all goes well, the implant is good for two years. Then they'll reevaluate whether she needs a replacement.

As a side note - you may be wondering why it's important for Kitra to be on birth control right now.

Well, the answer is simple. She lives in a family environment where there is one mature male - her father. And that's where we'll stop and let you figure out the rest.

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