How to combat adult acne -

How to combat adult acne

When you have bad skin, you feel like that's the only thing anyone sees when they look at you. One in five adults has adult acne and more than 50 percent of people get it at some point in their later years. Our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier, has the solutions to clear up your skin.

Acne is frustrating at any age. For women, it is often brought on by a change in hormones.  

  • First tip: Get a professional facial. While it might not be in your budget,
    try to spurge just a little bit. If you go to a reputable spa or dermatologist
    office, the estheticians there can help you come up with a custom skin care
  • Second tip: Don't look for a quick fix! Women go into attack mode
    on their faces.  

"Really look for a gentle cleanser, something mild. And also look for ingredients such as salicylic acid and sulfur. Both are going to work really hard to combat future breakouts. Harsh acids and scrubs may feel like they're getting the job done, but you want to avoid them at all costs," advises Jessica. 

When it comes to acne and make-up, a lot of women pile it on to try to cover up their blemishes, but this only leads to further clogging of the pores and bacteria. If you do wear foundation, look for key words, like "oil-free." It will be less pore-clogging.

"And whatever you do, do not go to bed or work out with make-up on," warns Jessica. "And be sure to moisturize after!"

So while there's no quick-fix solution to adult acne, steps can be taken to rid you of those embarrassing symptoms. Stay disciplined and you'll be on the path to healthy, clear skin. 

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