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Rayovac Rechargeable Power Pack: Does it Work?

The Rayovac Rechargeable Power Pack for mobile devices. It comes with three adaptors, micro USB, mini USB, and one for Apple devices.

Initially, it takes three hours to charge the pack, either off the wall outlet or your computer hard drive.  These blue lights indicate we have a full charge and can now power up some of our gadgets.

The adapter for the iPhone is plugged in and beeps which means success.

Now onto the iPad, which has an 85% charge right now.  We have no trouble charging it either. So, the apple adapter works.  We have no trouble using the adapter for the other devices either.

Question is: how long does the charge last? We took a few days to research and answer that.

We tried to fully charge an iPad, even allowing it to sit overnight with the Rayovac Power Pack.

The next day? It only charged three percent of the battery. So, not all that impressive,

Here's our assessment. It's small and easy to use, but we think it's more for your smaller devices. it helped the iPad, but it didn't fully charge it.

We give it a C+ on this Does it Work test.  It would be handy in a pinch.

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