Tips for how to stick with a fitness regimen -

Tips for how to stick with a fitness regimen

We all know sticking to a regular exercise routine is often easier said than done. So is there anything that can help? 

Fitness gurus will tell you any exercise is better than nothing, but the road to life altering change requires a little strategy.

Get a work out partner - someone to keep you on track is a big help.

Also, like what you do. Whether it's the right machine, a class or walking, make exercise something you can enjoy.

Start small and gradually increase the intensity of your routine - that way you won't get overwhelmed. 

Finally, don't give up, even if you do miss a few work outs. Everyday is a new day. 

Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, history shows us most people lapse back to the same old unhealthy routines.

Experts say the key to a successful fitness routine is to keep it simple. That way you're more likely to stick with it.

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