Donate your expired coupons -

Donate your coupons to troops

Hundreds of thousands of military personnel are stationed at bases around the world. The best shopping deals are on base at the commissary.  

"They can't get access to coupons that we can get here in the States, so they actually take expired coupons within six months of the expiration date," said frugal blogger Tiffany Cutts.  

Cutts is a coupon expert and has a sister serving in the military. When her sister told her about the expired coupon policy, Tiffany began collecting them at her coupon classes and swaps. She adopted a base in Germany that she found on Coups For Troops

"I don't like throwing away coupons because it's like tossing away money, so this is a great way to help out without having to spend extra money," Cutts added. 

Susan Loden and her husband were stationed in Europe and loved when the coupon shipment would arrive. 

"Some things are much more expensive to purchase, even here in the U.S., diapers, dog food, things that cost more, so when you find a $2 off coupon on diapers, they get very excited," said Loden. "Family members are stretching their dollars like everybody else, so if we can use the ones that have expired here...they can get the same benefit."

If you want to get involved, we've provided some options, on how to find a base that could use your help:

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