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Last-minute tuition hikes

If one of your kids is headed off to college soon, you need to be on the lookout for a nasty surprise - last-minute tuition hikes and financial aid cuts could be on the way.

At least 19 states have cut money for public colleges. Illinois and Georgia, among others, have slashed grants awarded to students. The problem? Many families don't yet know about the changes, and may not even find out until the semester begins.

Now, the financial aid folks will tell you that the letters students got after they applied for aid list an "estimated" grant amount, and that they're at the mercy of state governments, too. Of course, states are in the red due to declining property, sales and income taxes. 

Federal stimulus money is also gone. All of this means that students and their families could be left on the hook for quite a bit more than they expected.

So what can you do?

Call the college to see if any tuition hikes are on the horizon, or see if the college's financial aid office might be offering more aid if state grants come up short.

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