Controlling your portions -

Controlling your portions

With obesity rates in the U.S. climbing in many states, over-eating is clearly an out-of control epidemic. But one dieting technique that's proven to work is portion control. 

"Weighing and measuring everything we eat is just too much work. It's not realistic! So I'll show you visuals so you can remember how much you should be eating," says Food Pro Devin Alexander. "Let's start with proteins. If you're having chicken or beef, you want it to be about the size of a deck of cards. When it comes to fish, usually the size of a checkbook,although in the case of a thick piece of salmon, stick with the deck of cards. For a thinner fish fillet like tilapia, you'd go for the size of a checkbook."

When it comes to cereal, Devin says serving sizes can vary from a quarter cup to a cup at most.

"Also yogurt is another one. Stick to a cup there. Now when it comes to dried fruit, believe it or not, this is a quarter cup, also the size of a golf ball. That little bit is 100 calories. That's a full serving size. So be really careful there," she adds.

As for cheese? Devin says an ounce is about the size of a matchbook. Dice represents about the amount of butter or margarine you want to be eating.

"Many people know that two tablespoons of peanut butter is a serving size. That's the size of a ping pong ball. And then think tennis ball when it comes to something like rice. Don't heap that plate! Or a one-ounce serving of pretzels, or a small potato," says Devin.

By keeping these visuals in mind, you don't have to lug around a scale, and you won't overdo it on your portions.

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