Giving yourself an eye lift -

Give yourself an eye lift

Who of us wouldn't like to subtract a few years off our faces? Maybe around the eyes? Our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier, shows us a few tricks to making mature eyes appear uplifted and youthful. You'll believe it when you see it!

"When it comes to mature eyes, I have two main rules: Less is always better, and if you MUST use shimmer, keep it to a minimum and only right on the eyelid – never into the crease. Use a matte, cream-toned shadow and apply from lash line to brow bone," says Jessica.

Next, blend a matte brown or taupe colored shadow from the outer corner and right into the crease to create definition and contour.

A waterproof or smudge-proof chocolate-colored eyeliner softly smudged right on the lash line really defines eyes and creates the illusion of thicker lashes.

"But don't put any liner on the bottom," adds Jessica. "We want to avoid anything that's going to draw the eyes downward. You want to go up, not down!"

As we age, our eyebrows tend to thin out, so lightly filling them in creates a more youthful appearance. To really lift those eyes, curl the lashes and apply one or two coats of mascara to the top lashes. Using a demi or half-false eyelash on the outer corner is like an instant mini eye-lift.

"Now that your eyes are looking fresh and lifted, let's focus on the under eye. If necessary, use makeup remover to wipe away any traces of fallen eye makeup from under the eyes. Next, apply a creamy concealer to cover up any darkness. Then subtract the years even further by adding light-reflecting make-up right on top," says Jessica.

With a few uplifting tricks, mature eyes can lose a few years and simply sparkle! 

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