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What's wrong with an office romance?

In a recent survey about office romances, 72 percent of the respondents said they would be open to dating someone at work. Well, to those people, our communications coach Marcia Brandwynne advises to proceed with caution, because finding love on the job can be risky business.

"It's not surprising that some 20 million office romances play out in the American workplace at any given time. After all, that's where people spend so much of their time. But there are some real dangers to starting a romantic relationship with a co-worker or a boss, not the least of which is losing your job," Coach Marcia explains.

Many companies have policies strictly forbidding their employees from dating one another -- and there's a reason for it.

Office romances often lead to trouble, causing distractions and dissension among staff members. Before you begin dating a co-worker, you should familiarize yourself with your company's policy. You really don't want to get fired because of a passing fling.

"Even if you're very discreet about your affair, you could be placed in a very unflattering position if it comes to light. And I promise you, these clandestine relationships are hard to hide," she adds. "You need to consider what your colleagues will think of you if they find out. This breach of office decorum infers that you don't put your work first." 

Office romances can be especially precarious if it's with a superior. In case of a break up, the liabilities for a company are large and can lead to a sexual harassment suit, even if both parties are complicit.

"My best advice, try to meet someone outside of work. It's a lot less trouble when you keep your personal life separate from your professional life," Coach Marcia says.

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