Scammers sell fake food coupons on eBay -

Fake coupons sold on eBay

Scam artists are always looking for an opportunity to get into your wallet. One of the latest methods? Fake food coupons on eBay.

Carol Stille does a lot of buying and selling on eBay, so she thought she was getting a good deal when she bought the discount coupons. She says she hadn't even made it to the grocery store when she found out the coupons were fake.

"I was warned in advance that it was bogus. I actually talked to [the company] and I scanned a copy to them and they told me that it was fraudulent," she said.

Carol says the coupons had been altered.

"What the man had done that sold it to me is change the expiration date, photocopied it and [sold] it on eBay," she explained.

Carol complained to eBay and wrote to the seller in Hawaii to get her money back. The seller wrote back and told her, "I believe my coupons are not counterfeit and I did not order them from an online source. So, it may look the same as the counterfeit ones you are referring to, but I don't think it is."

After trying to appeal the sale to PayPal, they wrote her back, "After careful consideration, we're unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time. The listing accurately described the item you received."

Carol says she's been humiliated because she gave one of the coupons as a gift.

"Financially this has put us in a hard place because with my husband being laid off, the whole reason that I bought the coupon was to try to save some money," she added. "It's embarrassing when you give someone a coupon as a gift and then you have to call them up and tell them, 'Hey, don't use that; you might get arrested.'"

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