Crazy about cars? -

Crazy about cars

If someone asks what you do for fun, do you have a hard time coming up with an answer? Then maybe what you need is a hobby. Our auto expert, Steve Strope, says if you like vintage automobiles, you might want to consider classic car restoration.

"America's had a love affair with the automobile ever since Henry Ford began rolling cars off the assembly line," says Steve. "Today, you'll find millions of car enthusiasts of every age, background and income level.  And they all share one thing in common -- they're crazy about cars!"

Steve began working on cars with friends and neighbors longs before he got his first car at the age of 16. 

"Early on, I got a sense of accomplishment by learning to assemble something and that stayed with me all the way up to now when I'm building custom cars. I believe it's that sense of accomplishment that drives our car hobby," he explains.

Steve says that when you personalize a car, it's like an extension of yourself that allows you to show the world your own version of the vehicle.

"You bring a little bit of yourself into that car. Sometimes it's the personality you wish you had. So you have a car, a big blown motor and loud exhaust and flashy paint," says Chris Brown, an auto enthusiast.

Steve's advice on how to get started?

"Go to some car shows, find a car that you like and then do some research on it," he says. "Once you're ready, buy somebody's used project that's already up and running so you can get cruising and learn to tinker on it. Too many people start out with a full restoration and wind up biting off more than they can chew and end up burning out."

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