Clean sweeping social media permissions -

Safeguarding your social profiles

Managing your social life on the net can take time. You have email, Facebook, Twitter and other sites you feel like you need to catch up with.

That's why many of you like to link your accounts together. This can be helpful, but over time you may have too many apps linked or snooping on your social media life. 

Who doesn't want to simplify their life by letting their photo sharing app talk to their social media accounts so it's one click and you share that funny photo with friends? 

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton warns that too many apps with access to your accounts makes you more vulnerable to cyber criminals and cyber creeps.


1.  THINK TWICE:  Be wary of giving permissions to other apps - you really have no idea how they treat your data or safeguard your ID and password.

2.  MONTHLY SWEEPS: Make it a point once a month to look at each social media account and review, change or delete the permissions you have granted to apps for each social media account. 

3.  DIFFERENT PASSWORDS: Use different passwords across your social media accounts.

To make your clean sweep easier, there is a fun new tool out there, you can try out this tool at:

To check app permissions on Facebook, go to 

To check Twitter, go to

Each social media account is different, so be sure to check each account.

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