Cleaning out your cosmetic bag -

Cleaning out your cosmetic bag

Go ahead, dump out your make-up bag! Do an inventory! What stays? What needs a tune up? And what goes?

Professional make-up artist Liz Dahl has been in cosmetics for decades. She has some helpful benchmarks to help you filter through that endless make-up bag.

First off, for anything around the lips, Liz recommends dumping it six months after it's opened. So that lip gloss that's been hiding at the bottom of your purse for two years? Done.

"Now if you keep it under ideal conditions in a cool environment, maybe a lower drawer somewhere where it's not too hot, maybe it'll last pass the expiration," she adds.

Some types of make-up, like those with SPF, have expiration dates marked on them. But for others you need to rely on your senses.

Does it look dirty? Then clean it!

Shampoo your brushes once a week. If the bristles are falling off, dump it. Also, check to see if the make-up is separating.

"You'll see it on your pencils where the oil will start to come to the surface, it'll look like a white blob. Put it back in the freezer, get it solidified and see if you can get it to work," says Liz.

When it comes to your eyes, you have to be especially careful. Liz says that mascara should last no longer than three to six months. Pencil and liquid eyeliner fall in that category too, no exceptions.

Now, blush, eye shadows and compacts are another story. Liz says you can keep them for two to three years or longer if kept under ideal conditions.

So what will really happen if you don't?

"You'll get white heads and blackheads on your cheeks; it can be either from your brushes not being washed, or there could be a layer of bacteria just sitting on that," Liz says.

Creamy types of make-up like concealers and gel eyeliner just need a little tune-up.

Liz says eye lashes can be re-used as long as you pull off the glue between uses. Dump the glue once it starts separating and to keep a clean bag and healthy face.

But the bottom line when it comes to your makeup bag? When in doubt, just throw it out!Better safe than sorry.

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