Brighten your hair, rainbow style -

Fun DIY hair highlights

Just because we're born with one color hair doesn't mean we're stuck with it our whole lives.

Our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier says there's a whole rainbow of choices out there, including a revolutionary hair dye that gives super bright highlights and washes right out.

"To achieve a bright temporary pop of color, I use a fun product called COLOR.BUG – simply put, it's like make-up for your hair," says Jessica.

It was initially created for runway models, but now it's available for anyone. The best part - it washes right out with no commitment.

There are three colors - purple, orange and pink. Before you get started, dry and style your hair, then be sure to drape a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothing.

Next, select the sections of your hair you want to transform.

You'll need something for the color to stick to and you can use ordinary hair spray, or you can use a wax or a paste, if you prefer. Jessica says that will give you even more intense color.

Take the COLOR.BUG and apply right on top of the product you applied. The more you rub, the brighter the effect. Your hands may turn colors, but don't worry - it washes right out.

Massage it into the hair until your styling product is dry, then shake off any excess. 

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