Is your tablet protected? -

Is your tablet protected?

So many of us are walking around with tablets, but are we at risk? We've been hearing for years about passwords and anti-virus programs for our computers, but why not our tablets? 

Rod Neal from Lincoln College of Technology in Ohio says that first things first, you need to protect your tablet like you would your computer. 

"[People] think, ‘I'm not using a computer, so this has to be safer.' They don't offer any anti-virus; they don't talk about securing the tablet or cell phone," Neal explains. 

So at a minimum, make sure you turn on your password protection. 

One of the great things about tablets is how easy it is to connect to networks at places like coffee houses and airports...but how safe it that? 

"I usually tell people to err on the side of caution," says Neal. "Cyber thieves are getting very good at hacking into public networks and watching what you're doing on your tablets. So sitting in that coffee shop and typing in bank account numbers and passwords is probably not a great idea." 

And while the hackers are still concentrating more on the millions of PCs and laptops out there, they will soon be turning their attentions to tablets. So now is a good time to install a good anti-virus program. 

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