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Is there something I can do for both low blood pressure and thirstiness?

Q: I have low blood pressure, and in the past ate a high-sodium diet. Now I'm older, and I find myself more and more thirsty and water doesn't help. My doctor ruled out diabetes. Is there something I can do for both the low blood pressure and thirstiness?

A: I recommend that you super-charge your water by adding small pieces of juicy fruits, like watermelon, lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, etc. Watch this recent segment where I demonstrate how to make this infused water and why it's better for you!


Super-charged water is more hydrating than plain water, because of the vitamins and minerals that come from the fruit. When you drink plain water, you run the risk of it washing out some of the electrolytes (sodium and potassium) that are needed for proper fluid balance and keeping thirst at bay. Also, if you are on medications, those can be dehydrating too. Also, limit coffee and tea to one or two cups a day because that can also make you feel thirstier.

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