Is public humiliation fair punishment for kids? -

Is public shaming fair to kids?

Recently, a teenager was forced to stand on the street wearing a sign that read: "I GOT 5 F'S. HONK IF YOU THINK I'M DUMB."

In a different city, another kid was forced to stand on the street with a sign that read "I LIE, I STEAL, I SELL DRUGS, I DON'T FOLLOW THE LAW." 

Parents are resorting to public humiliation to correct their kids' behavior. 

We sat down with Dr. Howard Hall, a clinical psychologist,  and asked him what he would think if he saw a kid like this on the street. 

 "I would feel so much sympathy for the child, and I would feel sympathy for the frustration of the parent," he said. 

One mother who made her son stand on the street had her own rationale for the punishment. 

"They've got their way of parenting and I've got mine," she explained. "My goal is to save my son." 

But Dr. Hall says there ought to be a law against this sort of thing. 

"Parents are doing this out of frustration. It doesn't mean it's rational," he said. "It's not good parenting and it's not clinical." 

Dr. Hall says even the toughest, most obstinate kid can be damaged by this kind of stunt. 

"Humiliating doesn't teach kids how to respond positively," he added. "Have them do community service -- teach them positive skills."

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