Top five must-have makeup products -

Top five must-have makeup products

Makeup bags tend to fill up fast with all kinds of stuff, but what are the basics when you're on the go? Beauty Expert Jessica Metivier shares a few of her favorite things.

"Whether you're going to the grocery store or about to hit up the club, you can't bring your entire makeup bag with you," says Jessica. 

Here are the top five products Jessica says you should always keep on hand:

Oil blotting sheets: You have to carry these with you. Piling on powder throughout the day is not a good way to cut down on shine. You really want to use these to blot any excess oil.

Concealer: Concealer is great for the end of the day. If you have someplace else to go, it really just pulls everything back together. A little bit under your eyes or around your nose where it tends to get red, can really just bring everything that you did in the morning back to where it started.

Lip gloss: A neutral lip gloss will go with any outfit you have on or any eye makeup that you put on in the morning.

Cotton swabs: They're the perfect little tool to fix any mistakes that you have throughout the day -creased eye shadow, run away mascara - they really just get in there and clean everything up. 

A dual lip and cheek stain: Your blush is often the first thing that will fade throughout the day. And it's great for your lips, too.

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