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What makes men happier in marriage?

There's an old saying guys like to toss around: "Happy wife, happy life."

Now, a new study may provide some evidence to back it up.

"There's no question about it," says Scott Bea, a clinical psychologist at Cleveland Clinic. "Men like a happy spouse. I think it frees their brain for other things."

While men tend to be more satisfied with their marriage when they know that their wives are happy, women like to see their husbands upset.

Translated, a wife is happy when she recognizes her man's frustration or anger. It seems when men are willing to open up and express these emotions, women feel their husbands are invested in their relationship.

Both sexes may have an easier time predicting their significant others' emotions through better communication.

"If we're really able to re-state what was said to us, add a feeling word, that's active listening," says Bea. "That conveys empathy pretty well. If we can do this in some concentrated way, a little bit every day, I think that's good insurance for most of our relationships."

Relationships tend to grow under positive conditions.

Marriage experts say couples can develop emotional intimacy by having fun together, laughing and enjoying each other's interests. Ultimately, happiness breeds happiness!

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