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Intensify your eyes with pigment powder

Eye-popping pigments are all over fashion magazines these days --  intense, saturated colors that accentuate eyes with glamour.

Beauty Expert Jessica Metivier says that a night out on the town is the perfect excuse to try look that seems difficult, but is actually really easy to achieve on your own.

First, start with thin layer of primer on your eyelid. This creates a barrier between your skin and the pigment so the pigment will last a little bit longer.

When you're using pigments, you don't need a lot of product, so just tap a little bit into the cap. 

Remember: With makeup, you can always add more and go forward, but taking it off and going backwards is next to impossible!

"My trick to really unlocking the power of pigments is using a damp brush, because you get a more concentrated, rich color," adds Jessica. "You want to press instead of using a sweeping motion. This allows you a more concentrated color and it really gives you control of where the pigment ends up."

Next, pick out an eye shadow that will help soften the line a little bit and smooth out the edges. Apply a matte shadow right into the crease to soften that edge you've made with the pigment.

"I like to finish off this look with a little bit of liquid or gel eyeliner," says Jessica. "It's going to help intensify the color and it's going to help preserve the look that we've created."

Finally, you don't want to leave your lashes hanging! Be sure to curl and apply mascara before you head for the door.

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