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Orbee Balls: Pet approved?

When it comes to a dog's chew toys, Orbee Ball claims to be the best. But does it really work? Pet Pro Luciano Aguilar put it to the test.

The Orbee Ball claims to be irresistible and indestructible. Irresistible because it's scented with mint, which is alluring to dogs, and indestructible because it's made with recyclable, soft and durable material.

"So far I like the design," said Luciano. "The company that makes this is called Planet Dog.  Planet Dog, Planet Earth, I get it. But the plastic continents design attached to the ball look like if they came off they could become a choking hazard."

And that's exactly what happened.

"I gave my dog this ball 24 hours ago and he did rip off the continents," Luciano noted. "So as far as indestructible, well… the ball is intact, but the continents are off."

Luciano brings in another dog, Zorro, who has never seen an Orbee Ball before but he loves tennis balls.

"It looks like Zorro can't decide," said Luciano. "He chose the tennis ball, but then again, he's used to tennis balls. So I took the tennis ball away from him and gave him just the Orbee Ball. He seems to like it."

As far as our test goes, the plastic continents did come off, so Luciano gave it a 'maybe'.

He also warned that if you plan on giving your dog an Orbee Ball, make sure he's supervised when he plays with it.

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