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What to do if you're caught in a high-speed chase

It's not something you expect to see while traveling from Point A to Point B. 

"Obviously no one can predict when a high speed pursuit will happen," says Sergeant Brian Champlin, supervisor of Montgomery Police Department Accident Investigations in Alabama. 

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready for them. 

While some drivers say they would go faster to avoid being part of a high speed chase, police suggest another strategy. 

"Keep your speed slow and once you believe the initial vehicle that's being pursued is past you, check your mirrors real well," Champlin advises. 

And another piece of advice: Move over to the right lane if it's safe. Traditionally, the left lane is the faster lane and therefore likely to be more dangerous. 

Whatever happens, police say that your safety is still their top priority -- even if they're focused on catching a criminal. 

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