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Sift and Toss: Does it Work?

Cat lovers, this story is for you!

Keeping your kitty's litter box clean isn't fun, but it has to be done. The Sift and Toss claims it will grab the dirty litter while leaving the clean litter behind. To find out if it works, Laura Golden at the Birmingham Humane Society in Alabama agreed to check it out. The facility has several cats, so the litter boxes are changed quite often.

"We do a lot of scooping. We go through a lot of kitty litter here," Golden said. The box of Sift and Toss comes with a bunch of mesh liners. Laura added fresh litter, then poured water a couple of times for our test.

What did she think?

"It did clump together, but the holes are a little bigger than a scoop so we had a little fall out when we pulled the liner out," she said.

We asked if she would give this week's product a thumbs up, thumbs down or a maybe? Laura gave Sift and Toss a 'maybe.'

"I think it works just about the same as scooping. We do a lot of scooping here because we have a lot of cats here, so its quicker in all honesty for us to just scoop it out. If you don't want to scoop, this might be a good option. It just depends on your preference and how you like to get things done," she said. 

The Allstar Products group sent the following statement in response to our test:

"Like all of our products, Sift & Toss™ litter liners went through strict quality testing to ensure effectiveness. Our extensive testing of the durable mesh liner in Sift & Toss™ proved its ability to filter clean litter faster and easier than traditional liners.  Hundreds of thousands of cat owners have found Sift & Toss™ helpful in solving the time consuming problem of cleaning a cat's litter box through traditional scooping."

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