Six-generation family keeps growing -

Six-generation family keeps growing

If you ask Loreana Jones of East Texas just how big her family is, chances are you might need more than a couple of hands to count everyone up.

"Let's see, grandmother has 10 children and from there I don't know; we're going to have to add them up. There are a ton of them,"said Sherri Brumely.

Sherry is of the fourth generation in this family and said it was her granddaughter Sadiana that helped the family reach six generations. A month later, Baby Landon followed.

"We usually add about three to six babies every year, so we knew it was a possibility at some point," said Sherri.

"We were hoping our grandmother would live to see that day and she has and she's a blessing to all of us here," said Glenda Dixon, third generation.

As of now, Loreana has 23 grandchildren, 58 great-grandchildren, 68 great-great grandchildren and six great, great great-grandchildren.

Most of the family lives in the East Texas area, which is a good thing since great, great, great-grandmother Loreana usually has coffee brewing for the family.

"There's coffee every day at 3:00, so you know to come every day if you want to visit because a lot of people are here at 3:00 every day," said Sherri.

"There's usually four, five, six of us here at night, sometimes more, and it's just whoever can come is welcome in this house," said Glenda.

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