The perfect grilled cheese sandwich -

The perfect grilled cheese sandwich

A recent study by Cornell University found more people eat "comfort" foods as a reward than to relieve stress. If grilled cheese is one of your favorites, we've got some sandwich-making secrets for grilling up a pan of gold every time!

We asked competitors at the Grilled Cheese Invitational in Pasadena, California to share their time-tested techniques for making prize-winning grilled cheese sandwiches at home.

Event Founder Tim Walker says, "All you need are three simple elements: Bread, butter and cheese. If you combine them together, you get victory!"

But don't forget another key ingredient … creativity.

"Think outside the pan. Well, think inside the pan, but outside the box," adds Eric Trueheart, a co-founder of the event.

Now for the secrets! What kind of pan is best?

Cabot Creamery Cooperative's Candace Karu says, "A well-worn cast iron pan. It's got that age and patina that makes a perfect grilled cheese."

And what's the secret to getting that toasty, golden crunch: Buttering the pan or buttering the bread?

Laura Werlin is the author of Grilled Cheese Please. She says, "Butter the outside of the bread. Do not put the butter in the pan, because you want to distribute that butter evenly. You want to grate your cheese; you don't want to slice it. One of the big mistakes people make is they slice the cheese, and so what happens is it's usually too thick. So the bread burns and the cheese inside is still solid."

She also says you want to make sure to cover the pan with a lid, to get the cheese melted quickly. Flip it a couple of times, take it off, and it should be crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside.

"And that's what a grilled cheese sandwich is all about," says Werlin.

Hungry yet?

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