Tips for soothing red, itchy eyes -


Tips for soothing red, itchy eyes

If you suffer from red, itchy, irritated eyes, our wellness expert Peggy Hall has a cool idea for a natural way to soothe them!

"I came up with this idea when I was using a cool compress over my eyes to held reduce irritation," explains Peggy. "The cold compress was a little messy, so instead, I popped my over-the-counter eye drops in the fridge for 20 minutes."

Peggy says she used these chilled eye drops to get fast relief.

"The cool temperature helps to reduce the red eye due to swollen capillaries in the eyes," she says.

One word of caution: Be sure to keep the eye drops tightly covered (or use the single treatment size) to prevent contamination.

Peggy also suggests resting the heel of one hand against the other when applying the drops so you don't accidentally poke yourself in the eye.

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