How often should you replace your pillows? -

How often should you replace your pillows?

In your lifetime, you spend plenty of time sleeping. So it makes perfect sense that in addition to a good mattress, you'll want to have a nice, comfortable pillow, too.

Moeen Khan has been in the pillow business for more than 20 years. He said when looking for good quality, you start on the outside.

"It's a nice 400 thread count. It's a very nice cotton material. It's more breathable and cool. There are no fuzzes on it, no lint and that is a better quality that's used," he explains.

They feel fluffy in the store, but the interior is synthetic. He said what's inside isn't meant to last.

More expensive pillows have more filling, but they don't last much longer.

Synthetics and feathers lose elasticity, causing you to roll it and fluff it to find support.

When you're pillow shopping, pay attention to the label.

"It will tell you it's 100 percent polyester filling. The industry's average pillow, that lasts you six months. You can feel by touching, you can hit the bottom, but here, you are in the pillow," Moeen says.

Pillows made of dense foam cost more, but you'll get three to five years out of them. Moeen says the heavier the pillow, the longer it'll last.

"I have few in the house, those are over five years old and I have not replaced it yet. This is the most conforming, giving and pressureless foam. If your head is not supported right, more pressure will go through the neck, spine and the middle of your back," he explains.

Moeen said to look for the pillow's warranty to gauge how long it will last.

If there isn't one, you can expect about six months.

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