How using a fork could help you lose weight -

How using a fork could help you lose weight

The idea comes straight from France, where the waistlines have long been sought-after by Americans.

The Fork It weight loss plan uses the concept of light eating late in the day to melt pounds, or so it says.

The plan suggests eating like a king at breakfast using any utensils you'd like. Lunchtime should be a lighter meal or "eat like a Prince." Dinner time is where the only real restrictions come in, when you should "eat like a pauper" and only using a fork.

The idea bans fingers, spoons and knives after 6:00 PM and meals should only be foods naturally eaten with a fork. Fish, whole grains and pastas are suggested under the Fork It plan.

We took the concept to Nutrition Counselor Nettie Reeves. She says it might work, but only if used as a tool to teach, and not as a diet.

"I think they more or less listen to their stomachs," she explains. "We listen a lot to our heads when it comes to food."

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