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Flea infestations worse than ever

Most pet owners know all too well about fleas, but warmer weather has led to an increase in infestations.

Clifford Ryba and his two-year-old beagle mix "Marley" had some uninvited guests in their home.

"We would see them everywhere, on the pillows, clothes, and you would find them laying on the floor. I don't think the word 'infestation' remotely comes close to what we experienced in my house," Ryba said.

Dr. Michelle Mayer says Ryba is not alone.

"The unusually warm winter did not cause much frost, which typically kills off fleas," she explained. "They live off of blood and prefer animals, because their bodies are warmer. Their favorite areas to live on are around the tail and the head."

Dr. Mayer says there are many different types of flea sprays, collars and balms people like to use. But that could lead to a pretty toxic situation for your pet and family.

"Your best bet is to talk to your vet about either an oral medication or spray to take care of your flea situation fast," she recommended.

Marley was prescribed oral medication to get rid of her fleas. But to keep them out of the house, Ryba says he now vacuums his home daily and had his carpet, wood floors and yard professionally treated. 

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