Magician makes smiles appear at children's hospital -

Magician makes smiles appear at children's hospital

Chris Oberle performs an illusion for 14-year-old Patrick Weist. The Cincinnati Children's Hospital has been treating Patrick for over a month. But before Patrick heads home, he wants to learn the magician's secret.

"I don't know, it was pretty wild," Patrick said.

What's most impressive is not Chris' levitation, but his dedication. He works all shifts to bring a little magic to patients and families at the hospital.

"For every brief moment that you show them magic, it brings them out of that time when they worry about what they're going through. To believe that something so impossible is possible," Oberle said.

But magic comes more from the heart than the hand. Before he started working at Children's Hospital, Chris did volunteer work to make kids' sadness disappear.

"For three years I was unpaid, because I didn't want to take any money away from the hospital," Oberle said. "I felt like that money could be going towards something better."

Chris has worked for David Blaine's Consultants and performed for MTV star Drama. But he's teaching kids that they too can shine.

When asked if he'd like to become a magician, Patrick smiled and said, "I'd like to try it."

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