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OrGreenic Skillet: Does It Work?

Have you seen those ceramic non-stick frying pans? The different brands each seem to have claimed a color of their own, but it's the green one that seems to get the most airplay on those "As Seen on TV" commercials. 

The OrGreenic ceramic non-stick fry pan claims "you can saute or fry with little or no oil, grease or fat. Foods never stick, so you never scrub!"

And it's eco-friendly, too. The package says it is PTFEPFOA free. It has something to do with non-stick coatings found on many pans.

We have tested lots of cookware over the years. This one has a slightly more sturdy feel to it. Just a first impression. We season the pan according to the directions. Oil it, watch it smoke, cool it down and we're finally ready to start cooking without oil, butter or grease.

We start with a fried egg. We had the pan a little hot and the egg immediately stuck. But we were amazed at how easily it let go. 

We tried to scramble an egg next. It worked great. No sticking at all, even without oil or butter.

We really tested the pan's metal when we burned on some barbecue sauce.

We were able to scrape the burned mess out easily with a plastic spatula and a few tablespoons of water. The pan wiped out easily with a paper towel.

The directions do not advise putting the pan in a dishwasher, but it seems to clean up ok without it.  The handle is metal, but handled the heat easily and did not get hot to the touch.

"Does it Work?" We don't know how long it will last, but it does what it does very well.

We give it a yes.

You can find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond or at Target for about $20.

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