Hair stylists learn signs of domestic abuse -

Hair stylists learning to spot signs of domestic abuse

Salons are tackling the tough questions of what to do when it looks like the person in the mirror may be the victim of an abusive relationship.

One in four women will be the victim of some sort of domestic abuse. Abuse can be physical, verbal or emotional -- and sometimes men are on the receiving end.

Now, you'll see more salons turning haircuts into an opportunity to help.

Stylists liken the salon chair to a therapist's couch sometimes, saying clients tell them everything.

"We watch them grow from first haircut to wedding day to first child's haircut," said Scott Savoca with Stefano Savoca Salon.

And too often there are signs of domestic abuse.

"It's unfortunate, but it's, 'I'm not allowed to cut my hair, not allowed to wear this.' Sometimes that's acceptable, but then there's a point where it goes too far," Savoca explains. "That's what we need to look for."

Now, more hairstylists are learning how to recognize domestic abuse and pledging to help "Cut it Out."

"[They learn] to listen to their clients and when they notice there is an unhealthy relationship, the hair stylist has the knowledge and skills to know what to look for and point them in the right direction," says Savoca.

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