How to identify and prevent hair loss -


How to identify and prevent hair loss

Most people don't notice their hair is falling out until over half of it is already gone. But that doesn't have to happen to you! America Now Host Bill Rancic got some expert advice on nipping hair loss in the bud from Dr. Robert Leonard, one of the top authorities on hair restoration.

"The early indication of hair loss is the number of hairs that fall out every day. So if a person loses 100 or more hairs per day, they can be pretty sure that they have male or female-pattern hair loss," explains Dr. Leonard. "So what I have patients do is do a hair count one morning. Count how many hairs may be on the pillow case, in the shower drain, in the towel after they dry their hair and in the brush or comb. If there are more than 100 hairs that they tally up, they can be pretty sure they have genetic hair loss."

So what is the best solution?

"There really are no home remedies to treat hair loss," Dr. Leonard says. "There are thousands of products online that people can buy that purport to treat hair loss, but the only scientifically-proven ones are Propecia, Rogaine Foam, laser therapy and hair transplantation. Someone is always out there to take someone's money and hair is a very emotional topic, so people grasp at anything they see. So really what a person needs to do is get an authoritative, medical evaluation and determine exactly what's going on."

Dr. Leonard recommends going to talk to a doctor at the first signs of hair loss.

"That's the most important thing to do, because after 50 percent of a person's hair is already gone is when he or she begins to notice it," he notes. "You really can't determine how fast one will become bald. That's a crystal ball question. What we can determine, though, is the stages of hair loss when they present."

The Norwood Scale classifies men's hair loss, from Class 1 up to Class 7. Class 1 is very early recession and Class 7 is that "Hippocratic baldness," very bald with just a little hair left in the back.

The sooner you can identify if you are experiencing hair loss, the quicker you can prevent it from happening.

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