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Untouchable Pet: Red-eyed tree frog

Imagine having a pet that you can't pet! It's a growing trend. More and more people are choosing rare and unusual animals to keep at home. And if you're attracted to neon, we've got a colorful critter that might brighten your day: The Red-Eyed Tree Frog of Costa Rica.

"The Red-Eyed Tree Frog is, by far, the most beautiful frog I've ever seen," says Exotic Animal Expert Jules Sylvester. "Now, this is not your grandchild's pet. This is Grandpa's pet. Only for the simple reason that it's so delicate, it really shouldn't be touched. It should just be admired."

Jules says that handling one of these frogs is not particularly good for it. Human touch will take the slime off its skin, which is actually protecting its skin from bacteria.

With orange feet, screaming red eyes, and a bright green body with blue racing stripes on the belly and the legs, Sylvester says tree frogs are "a beautiful work of art."

"It looks like its legs would snap if it tried to hop. And yet, it can leap six to seven feet in the jungle tops looking for bugs," adds Sylvester.

Across the United States, people are breeding these frogs. They cost anywhere from $45 to $80 a piece. But, Sylvester says, keep in mind that they are very, very difficult to maintain.

"You have to have the right environment for the frog. Remember where it comes from -- a tropical jungle" he explains. "It's got to be hot, steamy and have the right kind of bugs. Little fruit flies, little maggots, things like that."

But if you are set up to take care of it, this rare gem may make for a great "untouchable pet!"

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