How to rescue a pet or child from a locked car -

How to rescue a pet or child from a locked car

One of the biggest fears for an emergency crew is a pet or a small child getting locked inside a car, especially in hot weather.

Firefighters said with the temperature around 85 or 90 degrees, a car can heat up to 125 degrees in a matter of minutes.

That's when it can become a very serious situation.

Crews want to limit that as much as possible, so firefighters are asking people to use common sense in the heat: Don't leave children or pets inside a vehicle.

Emergency crews say leaving a child or pet inside a car is the worst thing you can do in hot weather.

"When you do have children who are locked or even in vehicles, they can suffer heat stress quite quickly," said Fire Chief Scott Pettitt.

Emergency crews will respond if you lock your keys inside the car, but if you have to take measures into your own hands, make sure you do it safely.

"First of all, I'd find something like a hammer," said Keith Page, owner of A Glass Company.

Page also said a rock is just as good. He doesn't recommend punching through the window with a bare hand.

"Anything hard - try to hit it close to the edge. The closer to the end, the weaker the glass. If you try to throw something right at the middle of it, it could bounce right back at you," said Page.

He also doesn't recommend breaking the smallest window out. It isn't the least expensive to replace.

"Always go for the front driver side window," said Page.

If you do break the glass, don't' worry about slicing your skin up, either. Car glass is designed to crumble and not create extensive cuts on a person.

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