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Goats gnawing away at pesky problem

In keeping with the new trend of "going green", a town in North Carolina is "going goat."

Wells Farms in the Town of Belmont has brought in a pack of 30 goats to gnaw away at thick brush on a tract of land that will eventually become a park adjacent to the Catawba River.

The goats don't require much supervision other than being bound inside an electric fence. They will spend about 60 days chewing their way through thick kudzu, poison ivy and other weeds and brush.

Neighbors say they love the idea of skipping the loud mowing equipment and instead being treated to the sight of the peaceful goats as they graze.

"Well if they work for us, then I'm all for it," said one neighbor.

The goats will cost the town around $12,000 to clean up several acres of land.

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