Save more at the grocery store -

Save more at the grocery store

Money Expert Nathan Bachrach has some strategies that could save you money at the grocery store.

First, pay close attention to unit price. Some food companies are downsizing their packaging while charging the same amount, hoping you don't notice!  

And remember, the shelf stickers do list price per unit. Don't forget to compare store brands with generics. Keep in mind, brand loyalty often costs you.

Avoid the foods that have a lot of packaging, like the boxes of bagged snack-size carrots or apples, for instance. You'll save a bundle buying your own fruit and a box of sandwich bags, and making them yourself.

Beef prices are through the roof, up nearly 10 percent over the past year, and the USDA says prices could go up another five percent.

Turkey prices are also up about 10 percent, but it's still cheaper by the pound. Look at eating more poultry or fish -- or better yet, how about some meatless meals?

As for fruits and vegetables, go for frozen! Experts say they're just as healthy as fresh produce and can save you a pretty penny – especially when they aren't in season.

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