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Purebreds at shelters

Animal shelters are full of loveable mutts. But you might be surprised that one out of every four dogs being put up for adoption is purebred! Before you run out to pick up that beagle, Pomeranian or Briard, there are some things you need to know.

"In order for a dog to be considered purebred, it needs to come from two parents of the same gene pool," explains Pet Pro Luciano Aguilar. "But often these gene pools are limited, which increases the risk of genetic defects. This could lead to a Labrador with bone and joint disorders, a golden retriever with lymphoma, or a beagle with heart disease."

Because purebreds have been developed through selective breeding, they often have more predictable behavioral traits. And some traits, like a dog that barks or howls, may be useful in hunting -- but they could be a nuisance in your home.

In fact, many purebreds were never created to be pets. They were bred based on their useful qualities. But if you have your heart set on a specific breed, then you're most likely looking for one of the more popular breeds.

The top five most popular breeds today are: The Labrador retriever, the German shepherd, the Yorkshire terrier, the golden retriever, and the beagle.

And though any kind of breed can wind up in an animal shelter, you'll have an easier time finding one of these breeds than you will a Norwegian Elkhound.

Purebreds in shelters often don't come with papers, so the breed is determined simply by the dog's overall appearance. If looks are all you're after, you can really get a bargain on one of these dogs. A German shepherd from a breeder could cost you as much as $1,500. But the adoption fee at a shelter is only about $110, and it comes with a behavioral assessment, a health evaluation and necessary vaccinations.

Purebred or mixed breed, there are plenty of dogs that need a good home. Stop in at your local animal shelter to see if there's a new best friend waiting for you! 

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