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Will beg for food

Who can resist the pleading eyes and heart-tugging whimper of a dog begging for food? And you feel even worse when it's someone else's dog. But feeding your dog table scraps can put your dog in serious danger.

"Many people think nothing of feeding dogs table scraps, but a dog's digestive system doesn't work the same way ours does," explains Pet Pro Luciano Aguilar. "In fact, certain 'people foods' can be poisonous to dogs."

Let's start with "A" for avocado. It makes great guacamole, but it can cause your dog to vomit. Onions, garlic, and chives can lead to red blood cell damage. And grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure or even kill your dog.

Another problem is that your dog may start to turn up his nose to his dog food if he gets too accustomed to human food.

"If your dog begs for food, you can never, never give in," Luciano warns. "And that goes for everyone in the family. One slip-up and you'll always have an uninvited guest at the dinner table!"

Here's what you can do: Before you sit down to a meal, make sure your dog is fed. If he's full, he'll be less likely to beg for a piece of your pot roast. And when you do feed him, put him in a separate room, away from where you and your family are eating.

Once dinner is done, he can rejoin the family. If you don't want to shut your dog away, set up a place and teach him to stay there until you're finished with dessert.

If you're visiting a friend's house who has a begging dog, it's best to just ignore him. You certainly don't want to be the cause of making someone else's dog sick!

"Everyone in your family should have good table manners," says Luciano. "Your dog is no exception!"

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