Giving to charities when money is tight -

Giving to charities when money is tight

We all have charities and causes we'd like to support, but money is tight! Well - here's a way you can contribute while still staying on a budget.

First - come up with a giving strategy. Instead of giving twenty bucks here or fifty bucks there, decide on a cause or two, and then focus your giving. 

But before you donate a penny, research the charity thoroughly - and you can start that with the "Charity Navigator" website

And if you can't give them money, you can always give them stuff. Lots of charities these days are collecting clothing and household items. An added bonus for you, by the way: You'll have a tidier basement or closet!

And don't forget - you can always give your time and energy, too! Whether that means an hour or two in a soup kitchen, hospital or animal shelter, it will be greatly appreciated. And it will probably mean a lot to you, too!

And if you have just a little money to give - you could always participate in a "giving circle". That's where people pool their money for a single cause. One place to start,

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