Add crunch with dehydrated onions -

Add crunch with dehydrated onions

Many cookbooks of yore called for dehydrated onions to add crunch to just about any meat or vegetable dish. 

Wellness and Nutrition Expert Peggy Hall says that one great thing about dehydrated onions is that they add all the crunch without the calories.

Two tablespoons of dehydrated onions have only about 25 calories and are full of iron, calcium and Vitamin C...with zero fat and zero cholesterol. Compare that with those other "fried onions" in a can that usually find their way on top of green bean casseroles.

"Dehydrated onions are also 100-percent natural, no preservatives, flavorings or salt. That makes them perfect for a low-sodium, low-fat diet," says Peggy. "Read the label and you'll see the only ingredient is onions -- you can't get much more pure than that!"

Peggy recommends that you use dehydrated onions in place of croutons as a topping on salads, add them to your casseroles, use them as a coating for fish or chicken or sprinkle them on cooked veggies.

"My favorite is as a crunchy topping for soups," Peggy says. "You could also snack on them in place of chips, which is perfect if you're watching your carbs."

Dehydrated onions are convenient, too! No more time (or tears) spent chopping onions. Dehydrated simply means the water has been evaporated, so once you add them to a liquid, they plump up again. The price is comparable to fresh onions, and only about half the cost of croutons.

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