Fashion tips for teens -

Fashion tips for teens

Fashion is fun at any age, but it's most exciting when you're a teenager because it is a time when they are going through and exploring many different personal identities to find their own and they're also experimenting through wardrobe expression. Many teens look to celebrities for inspiration. professional stylist, Valerie Joseph showed us how to translate those red carpet high society styles into age appropriate, fashionably smart teenage looks.

She says, "If you like Taylor Swift and you like the floral look this one is very appropriate because it's got a nice fit and flare style, it doesn't show too much skin, it's not too tight not too short." Another fit and flare style is this Selena Gomez inspiration. With wide straps and a nice fit, Valerie says it's colorful and playful perfect for teens.

"This is our Kim Kardashian inspiration and Kim Kardashian is very glamorous very high fashion, so what we did here is we took this tunic and layered it over a pair of tights. When otherwise, worn by itself again too tight," explained Valerie.

If the look you like is bohemian, you might emulate Miley Cyrus or Nicole Ritchie's style. Nicole gravitates to loose, flowy fabrics while Miley likes to wear shorts. "This is really cute, it's fun it's playful, it's colorful. The entire look is that bohemian trend that the teenagers are really attracted to but be very careful that your shorts aren't teeny tiny and that you're not selecting fabrics from this trend that are too mature," said Valerie.

Last but not least, we got some guidance on formal wear. "One of the highlights of being a teenager is to attend a semi-formal or formal event and they attend a lot of these. It's important that they understand what's, again, age appropriate for these events, not too tight, not too short, not too shiny, not too slinky, not too much skin," said Val.

Think conservative but also elegant and polished. If you're wondering about accessories - go crazy! "You can be a little over the top with accessories I'd rather have a teenager be more expressive with her accessories than with her wardrobe," said Valerie. Not fashion savvy? Don't despair, just ask for help at your local boutique.

Click HERE for a link to Valerie Joseph's website.

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