Cost of freon higher with phase out -

Cost of freon higher with phase out

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently begun the first phase of its Freeze on Freon. Freon is the gas that makes your air conditioning cold.

But until an ozone friendly replacement is readily available, trying to get Freon may cost you a bundle. In fact, Freon now costs as much as triple what it did in years past.

"The EPA is in the process of phasing out Freon because it harms the ozone layer. They're replacing it with a environmentally friendly gas by 2020," said Chuck Westenbarger, the operations manager at Wojo's Heating and Air.

Regulations by the EPA are making freon harder to come by and more expensive, but experts say there is a way to avoid expensive repair costs.

A small tank used to cost manufacturers and suppliers $80 a few years ago. Now, 4 pounds of freon comes in at $400.

Chuck says he and his workers are advising customers to make a more proactive approach by fixing leaks, rather than constantly re-charging your freon. "Our guys have the equipment, electronic leak detectors where they can go through the entire system and pinpoint where that refrigerant is leaking at and sometimes it can be a simple fix."

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