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Hit & run generates Facebook movement

As Billie Evans rummaged through the wreckage of her car Thursday night, she was still stunned by her ride home from church.

"I looked and next thing I knew, someone was backing out in front of me," she recalled.

There was no avoiding the white SUV.

"I slammed on my brakes and that's where there's like 40 feet of skid marks," she described.  "I couldn't stop in time and hit him and boom, everything just went crazy."

Evans remembered a tall man with salt and pepper hair got out of the other car.

"He asked me if I was ok," she told us. "He said 'I'm glad you're not dead.' Those were his exact words. He said 'I thought I was clear.' He said he was really sorry and he'll be right back and he was going to get his insurance information."

That was the last she would see of the culprit who left her car totaled then left the scene.

"I didn't even think about getting his driver's license, getting his name," she said. "I didn't even notice what kind of car it was."

Police warn against following hit and run drivers, but said turning to social media can be helpful to investigators. That's exactly what Evans did.  She posted a message describing the incident on Facebook pages.

"I have friends of friends of friends of friends who are posting this all over the place," she exclaimed.

This is a citizen's way of getting the word out. She hopes if enough people see the post, someone will spot the white SUV with rear damage.

"It's really exciting and I think we'll get the guy," Evans said. "I hope we get the guy."

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