Holiday tipping guidelines -

Holiday tipping guidelines

It can be tough to know what's appropriate in terms of holiday tipping, so America Now money expert Nathan Bachrach has these general guidelines.

First, for the people who take care of your kids, whether they're daycare providers or schoolteachers, gift cards are appropriate and always welcome. A group of parents could spring for a larger card, too.

If you have a regular hairstylist, personal trainer, or somebody else you see frequently, think about tipping an amount equal to the value of one visit.

The same guideline applies to someone who cleans your home.

A good tip range for your newspaper delivery person is $10 to $20.

And don't forget the garbage collectors - they don't have an easy job, and you see them every week. Twenty dollars is a good tip for them. 

Technically speaking, postal carriers are not allowed to accept cash, though you can give them gifts worth less than $20.

But even if you're feeling very generous, Nathan says you should keep your budget in mind when you start handing out tips. If you really don't have the money, consider homemade gifts.

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