Managing your holiday budget -

Managing your holiday budget

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It's really easy to overspend during the holidays, so America Now money expert Nathan Bachrach has these tips on how to avoid that January buyer's remorse.

The main reason people blow their holiday budgets - they lose track of what they're spending. That's where technology comes in. 

There are plenty of free online programs to help you track your spending and account balances - is a good one.

Another good tip for family and friends - set a spending limit per person, or draw names for gifts. Odds are you aren't the only one trying to stick to a budget this year.

Before you buy anything, decide how much you'll spend on everyone on your list, and if you don't trust yourself with plastic, take out that much money in cash, and leave the credit cards at home. Once you've spent your money, you're done shopping.

And if you're looking for a great way to remind yourself and your kids about the real meaning of the holidays, think about volunteering. There's always a need at food pantries and soup kitchens this time of year. Nathan says it just may help everyone realize that lots of stuff isn't what's really important.

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