Man goes for record with giant paddle ball -

Man goes for record with giant paddle ball

Steve Langley entertains people for a living. He calls himself a professional "fun-ologist."

Langley is a juggler, comedian, unicyclist, and Guinness World Record-holding Paddle Baller. Steve set a record in 2011 for bouncing nine paddle balls at one time. Then, he decided he needed to go bigger.

"It's worldwide. It's beyond Charlotte, it's beyond North Carolina, it's a worldwide thing. There's something kind of neat about that, I think," said Langley, while holding his new 9-foot tall paddle with a rubber ball attached.

Langley talked to officials with Guinness who told him any record-setting attempt with a giant paddle ball would need to be at least 10 times the size of a standard paddle. As he lifts the massive toy up to begin paddling, it's pretty obvious it's not quite as easy as a small one.

"Usually when people see it, it gets a chuckle or a laugh, but then when I start actually doing it, they love it," said Langley.

One might wonder what would lead someone to go to all the trouble to set a record. For Steve, the answer is simple: "I like making people smile and I enjoy the sound of laughter. Laughter is like the sound of a smile."

Langley has said if this attempt makes the books, his next try at setting a record will involve bouncing a regular-sized paddle while riding a unicycle.

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