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Phones have heat strokes, too

Did you know your phones, your computers and other electronic devices can suffer from heat exhaustion - just like you can?

"The hotter it gets, over 95 degrees, you really want to take some necessary precautions," said Patrick Carodine with Verizon.

Carodine says phones and tablets need frequent breaks from the heat just like you do.

"Bring it inside, let it cool off just like you would," he said. "Give it some time to get away from the heat."

Storing a phone in a hot car, on the dash or even in the glove box can cause them to sweat and leave condensation in the device.

And Carodine says that can cause your device to malfunction.

Not only can heat hurt your phone, it can also cause your phone to hurt you.

Just holding an overheated phone in your pocket or your hands can burn your skin. Even worse, their lithium ion batteries have been known to explode in high temperatures.

"The heat itself can actually cause the lithium battery to bubble, or explode or expand," Carodine said.

It recently happened to a Boston man while his phone was in his pocket.

Find a shady spot to do your typing and give your electronics a break once in a while if you want to work outside.

And keep in mind that streaming videos and games puts the battery in overdrive and can cause it to overheat.

Some phones put out a warning when they get too hot. The iPhone, for example, will display a warning that lets you know it's time to cool off.

When you hit the lake or the beach this summer, remember to find some shade for your electronics.

It's safer for you and will keep the hottest gadgets on the market, from getting too hot.

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