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Distance Doodler: Does it Work?

Young artists, get ready! A toy magazine made the Distance Doodler one of its top picks, but how does it stack up in a classroom full of kids?

"I thought it was really fun," said one student named Lauren.

Simply turn out the lights and "glow crazy!" Just point the laser beam at these special clings and create your own designs. You can even make stencils and silhouettes, like we did here.

However, our fun turns into disappointment when the designs fade, making the shapes hard to cut out as promised.

"I was not very impressed with it. I think, very quickly, the kids would put it away, and it'd be a waste of money."

Plus, it's not very clear where you can buy more special clings like this, so you don't run out of special glow paper.

"I would not buy it for my children."

Teacher Jennifer Hart acknowledges the kids did enjoy this at first. The toy maker offers some other games you can try out with the laser beam. However, we find it's not all that easy for tiny hands to operate it.

"How about a grade 'C'?" suggested one student.

The Distance Doodler barely sketches by with an average 'C' on this Does it Work test.

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